Ways to Increase Your Motivation

Techniques to increase motivation:

In this article, we share our techniques for improving your motivation for learning English as a foreign language. We used them all the time when we were learning English and we still use them when we need to boost our motivation in areas other than English.

  1. Develop a reasonable goal and a reasonable plan.
  2. Create a list of reasons why it’s important to you to reach your goal, and read this list (even when you don’t feel like it) every morning and whenever when you’re tempted to deviate from your plan.
  3. Give yourself credit whenever you engage in behaviors designed to help you reach your goal or avoid behaviors that would steer you away from your goal.
  4. Set up a plan to be accountable (to yourself or to another person or group).
  5. Respond to sabotaging thinking.
  6. Identify obstacles and problem solve in advance.
  7. Prepare for feelings of discouragement, disappointment and deprivation.
  8. Decide on how you will reward yourself when you reach sub-goals.
  9. Focus on the experiences you deem “worth it.”
  10. Get back to basics when you get off track.

source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/judith-s-beck-phd/cognitive-behavior-therapy_b_1199790.html


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