[LYRICS] BEAST – Intro English Trans


It was long, the waiting Thanks for waiting for me
So many things happened to me Only thing hid me Music
Some people hate me or some people love me
But it’s just music Please listen to it without judging Continue reading


[LYRICS] B2ST- I Knew It

I’m sooooooooo excited with I Knew It!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SHOULD LISTENING IT!!!! Beautiful guitar harmony!!!  and our BISEUTEU oppadeul >< their voice is soooo *faint* *speechless* esp is for Prince Dongwoon >< and Joker’s rapp too! so gentle! AAAAA ><

uri Prince Dongwoonie’s acting skill……………………………..awesome. He’s rival for Joker and Kikwang for their MV XD Kikwang and Jokers is alwasy be the main character of their mv, but now Dongwoon out! kkk~


ireol jul arasseo ireol jul arasseo

yojeum dallajin geotman gata
an hadeon hwajangdo jinhage
an gadeon keulleopdo gane Huh
wae jakku singyeongi sseuineunji useo neomgiryeogo haenneunde Continue reading